Be a DOD-compliant supplier

Be a DOD-compliant supplier

Savi Technology’s I-Guides 4 enables suppliers to comply with new data formats required by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in its IUID policy. This policy mandates that key items be marked with a unique identification code. Suppliers who don’t update their solutions will be unable to communicate with the DoD IUID Registry after Dec. 31, resulting in non-compliance with contract requirements.

I-Guides 4 can start simple and scale up to support an entire enterprise. It offers a low total cost of ownership because it is a full-featured web-based enterprise solution for IUID.”

It provides a centralized data repository and supports a full range of data inputs to generate unique 2-D barcodes that help defense forces and their suppliers uniquely mark assets and comply with the DoD UID policy. When incorporated with Savi SmartChain, I-Guides users can go beyond DoD policy requirements and gain better control over the end-to-end visibility and management of their items, supply chain assets and inventory.

Savi Technology

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