Be Responsive to Consumers

Be Responsive to Consumers

IBM announced new cloud and on-premise offerings that will help organizations respond automatically to shifting consumer and business trends. The new solutions are designed to help companies intelligently automate supplier and trading partner interactions, automatically turn marketplace insights into marketing and sales actions and connect online, mobile and social channels to physical stores.

A manufacturer could use IBM Smarter Commerce integrated solutions for buying supplies, marketing products and services, and transacting sales as well as delivery and customer service.

Initially, the company would use the Supplier Integration & Management solution to identify the right suppliers, manage complex relationships and contracts, and collaborate and monitor supplier performance to ensure timely and efficient delivery of raw materials. Once ready to take its new line of products to market,the company would use the Customer Awareness & Analytics solution to determine unique insights about its consumers to better shape targeted marketing campaigns.

The company would deploy after-sale service to ensure timely delivery and ongoing customer support using the IBM Delivery, Service, and Support solution. IBM Case Manager is available for more complex service requests.

IBM Smarter Commerce

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