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Bendi B3 Series

Unmatched economy and space utilization puts this new model at the leading edge of VNA technology. Reducing stacking aisle to under 70" as well as intersecting and end aisles to under 96" answers all the demands of maximizing the use of all available storage cube. The B3 Series has the operating flexibility of the standard Bendi including the ability to perform as a front loader in multiple operations. Plus the B3 has new benefits like:

  • 205 Degree articulation which makes insertion of loads and forks easier and faster.
  • Single front wheel drive and steering providing excellent traction, reduced steering effort and smooth inching motion in tight storage operations
  • A battery with fork pockets that is easily removable for multiple shifts and can be fully serviced while still in the truck.

Put your forklift operators in the seat of a new Bendi B3 and we guarantee you will see increased productivity and performance. Landoll Corporation continues to provide new solutions to your storage and space problems. Contact us for information on the new model at

Landoll Corporation
Ed Campbell
[email protected]
1900 North Street
Marysville, KS 66508
Phone 800-428-5655

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