The Benefits of Managed Delivery

BOSTON, MA -- Managed delivery systems are solving a host of data delivery problems and enabling companies to get more out of their networks, according to a new report by Aberdeen Group, a leading market analysis and positioning services firm.

The report, " Buyer’s Guide to Managed Delivery," presents Aberdeen's recommendations on how to evaluate the data, content, and application delivery needs of a business application or corporate network; advice on how to select suppliers of product to meet those needs; and a comprehensive list of all known suppliers operating in this area.

"Managed delivery is about efficiency -- doing more with current investments and economically connecting those investments with the business processes they support," said Michael Hoch, research director in the Internet Infrastructure group at Aberdeen. "The majority of managed delivery solutions are incremental investments that can be easily justified by directly avoiding severe increases in application or network infrastructure."

The business benefits of managed delivery outlined in the report include:

• Reduction of physical transfer costs or IT costs associated with data, content, and application delivery in a business process.

• Guaranteed delivery of information, similar to certified mail or FedEx for the Web.

• Reduction of time in the production, manufacturing, or design cycle in business processes that involve information movement.

• Improvement in quality and costs of customer, employee, and partner service and support.

The technical benefits include:

• Reduction or avoidance of network costs.

• Improvement of Web site, portal, or application performance.

• Increased control over network application activity.

• Enabling design and deployment of new applications or services that were previously unfeasible.

Twelve suppliers of managed delivery solutions supported the research and writing of the Buyerís Guide. They include: Akamai Technologies; Bandwiz; Castify Networks; Digital Fountain; Jibe; Microsoft Corporation; Mirror-Image Internet; Radiance Technologies; Signiant; Stratacache; Valicert; and VBrick Systems.

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Founded in 1988, Aberdeen Group is a leading IT market analysis and positioning services firm that helps Information Technology vendors establish leadership in emerging markets. The firm provides IT market intelligence, positioning, and market acceleration services to established and start-up technology companies.

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