Best Software Advances Vertical Focus

Best Software recently announced the availability of its Peachtree 2005 product line, including new versions of Peachtree Premium Accounting for Manufacturing and Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution. These products, targeted to small manufacturers and distributors, provide companies in both industries with the business management tools they need to achieve their short- and long-term goals, and are the entry step for manufacturers and distributors into the Best Software family of products.

The two products combine manufacturing- and distribution-specific functionality with the accounting tools available in Peachtree Premium Accounting, offering a solution for small manufacturers and distributors. Some of the new features include:

· Powerful inventory advantages: serialized inventory tracking and advanced purchasing tools for proactive inventory management, lead time reduction and improved efficiencies.

· Inventory trend analysis: This analysis feature displays graphs detailing key inventory statistics, including fastest- and slowest-selling items, for at-a-glance reference.

· UPS OnLine Tools integration: Small businesses can now manage their shipping directly within Peachtree using UPS OnLine Tools. From the Peachtree sales invoicing screen, they can access UPS OnLine Tools to print shipping labels, estimate shipping costs and store tracking numbers.

· Automatic creation of purchase orders from stocking levels: Purchase orders are automatically created when established minimum stock levels, reorder quantities and sales orders get low, helping busy small business managers maintain essential supplies and inventory items.

Both products also feature in-depth reporting capabilities, well-suited to manufacturers and distributors, with more than 145 report formats in each, plus Crystal Reports for Peachtree, which offers virtually unlimited opportunities for thorough operations analysis.

As small discrete manufacturers and distributors grow, and require additional scalability, there is a clear migration path for them up to the company's MAS 90, MAS 200 and MAS 500 products.

For more information about Best Software offerings for manufacturers and distributors, please visit or

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