Better Pack 500

Better Packages, Inc., the number-one trusted name in water-activated paper tape dispensers and carton sealers for more than 90 years, introduces the Better Pack 500 Ink Jet System. The rugged Better Pack 500 paper tape dispensing machine, introduced in 2006 and offering straightforward operation and one-touch dispensing of reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated paper tape, is now available with an integrated, high resolution Ink Jet System that enables printing of time and date stamps, logos and other changeable messages directly on the tape as it is dispensed, saving cost of purchasing pre-printed tape.

Shelton, CT -- A new variation of the rugged, reliable and easy-to-use Better Pack 500 automatic water-activated paper tape dispenser, first introduced by Better Packages, Inc. in 2006, is now available. The new Better Pack® 500 Ink Jet System consists of the Better Pack 500 tape dispenser with an integrated ink jet printing system designed to deliver 300 dpi, on demand printing of changeable alpha-numeric messages and logos directly on the tape as it is dispensed. Producers and distributors of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and any product that requires time, date or code stamping, messaging or branding can greatly improve productivity while eliminating the cost of purchasing pre-printed Kraft tape.

The Better Pack 500 Ink Jet System can print a one- or two-line message in variable character heights with up to three logos in each message. Up to 99 messages can be stored for frequent and easy changeover. Because the Better Pack 500 Ink Jet System can store and print high resolution logos, it is highly effective in fulfillment operations that are packing and individually shipping several brands. Fulfillment companies can offer their customers the ability to reinforce their brands to the consumer.

The Better Pack 500 Ink Jet System is a tape dispenser with steel side-frame construction covered in durable ABS plastic. It is a tabletop workhorse that stands up to rough handling and rugged conditions in most work settings, while maintaining the consistent performance expected from the Better Pack brand. The Ink Jet System, engineered by Digital Design, expands the capabilities of the tape dispenser and is comprised of components powered by Hewlett Packard, a respected brand for consumer and business printing needs. The Ink Jet printer can be programmed to print at variable speeds with variable character spacing. The ink cartridge system is designed to make changeover simple and eliminate ink spills.

Design features of the Better Pack 500 tape dispenser maximize the performance of the water-activated gum tape used to seal the cartons. For example, a unique urethane feed wheel eliminates damage to the tape caused by metal feed wheels commonly found in other dispensers. The unit's adjustable top heater warms the water that activates the tape's gum adhesive, thereby optimizing the tape's integrity and bonding properties. The top heater, which is a standard feature of the Better Pack 500, is especially useful in refrigerated work environments where cold temperatures can adversely affect the performance of any tape. When reinforced water-activated paper tape, such as BetterSeal Secure® Tape from Better Packages, is applied with the Better Pack 500 Ink Jet System, the end result is a secure, tamper-evident, professional seal with imprinted messages that improve branding, tracking and tracing.

The Better Pack 500 tape dispenser is built for optimal operator and electrical safety and meets or exceeds UL, CE and CSA standards. Standard safety features include a safety interlock switch, which disables the cutting mechanism when the cover is open. In addition, a thermal cutoff switch protects the motor from overheating.

To learn more, contact Better Packages at 800-237-9151 or visit to locate the Better Packages Authorized Distributor near you.

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