Big Ass Fans to Feature Xtralis Smoke Detection System

LEXINGTON, Ky.—Big Ass Fan Co. announced a partnership with Xtralis to provide advanced smoke detection technologies for Big Ass Fans.

The Xtralis Very Early Warning Smoke Detection System (VESDA) provides the earliest-possible warning of an imminent fire hazard so that managers can initiate an appropriate response. VESDA detects minute levels of smoke present in the air and offers up to three levels of alarm, all with adjustable thresholds, before there is visible smoke, flaming fire or intense heat and often long before disruption, damage or injury can take place, according to the company.

The VESDA system is now working with huge ceiling fans from Big Ass fans by detecting smoke and then sending a signal to automatically shut the fan down. This automatic shutdown feature is a safety precaution designed to eliminate any potential effect with a facility’s ESFR (early suppression fast response) fire sprinkler system.

Big Ass Fan Co. designs and manufacturers ceiling fans for industrial, institutional, agricultural and commercial facilities. The company says its 6-foot to 24-foot diameter fans are a cost effective and energy-efficient alternative to conditioning large spaces.

“We are certain that the integration of the VESDA system with Big Ass Fans will be an effective solution for our mutual customers,” says Ian Ehrenberg, general manager of Xtralis. “It is imperative in these large facilities that production does not stop, and the VESDA system can help by detecting smoke at its earliest stages, effectively avoiding any losses in productivity.”

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