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BioLab Dives Adopts Warehouse Management System

BEVERLY HILLS, CA May 13, 2003-BioLab Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation and one of the world's leading providers of water treatment products for recreational and industrial markets and specialty household consumer products, selected Motek's Priya warehouse management software to support intense growth and broadening of its offering.

BioLab wanted real-time warehouse software and integrated voice picking technology that would enable its two distribution centers, totaling 675,000 square feet, to meet increasing order demands and send accurate inventory data to retailers.

"Of all the WMS products that we looked at, the Motek Priya warehouse system had the best cost-benefit ratio and the least costly upgrade cycle," said Don Hills, distribution project manager for BioLab. "Central to selecting Priya was its demonstrated success on the Windows NT platform and the solution's flexibility to input data via RF, voice, or manually."

BioLab will rely on Priya to perform opportunistic cross-docking, improve order pick accuracy and increase employee productivity. With Priya, BioLab expects to attain 99.9% inventory accuracy and improve productivity by 20%. "The ease of implementation will allow BioLab to roll out Priya to an additional six warehouses, ensuring inventory accuracy across their organization," said Dan Waters, VP of Sales for Motek.

"Priya will allow us to change from manual, paper-based warehousing to fully automated distribution centers. With the automation and tracking tools Priya provides, employees will be more accountable for productivity and shipping accuracy," said Hills. "This is critical to minimize the amount of additional labor required for increased tonnage as BioLab grows all of its distribution channels. Motek's warehouse solution will give us a strategic competitive advantage as we continue to expand in the consumer products manufacturing markets."

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