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Blue Guardian

Blue Guardian

GREENE, N.Y. — The Raymond Corporation now offers the CHEP® Blue Guardian® lift truck accessory for enhanced protection of transported products and pallets, reducing costs related to damage. The Blue Guardian mounts easily to ITA Class II fork carriages, regardless of lift truck make and model, to act as a protective bumper.

The Blue Guardian decreases damage to palletized products and their packaging by redirecting the impact force from the lift truck to the center block of the pallet, instead of the top boards, where products are located. The main housing frame of the Blue Guardian lift truck attachment is composed of impact-resistant carbon steel and features a low-profile, energy-absorbing polyurethane bumper. The low-profile bumper prevents contact with the load to reduce product and pallet damage. The main housing frame enables open visibility of products during operation, and housekeeping is improved due to less debris from splintered pallets, which can damage lift truck tires.

“Palletized loads can encounter a fair amount of abuse,” says Mike Smith, customer service manager for The Raymond Corporation. “The Blue Guardian reduces unnecessary downtime and costs caused by damaged pallets and products.”

The Blue Guardian is available only through Raymond Sales and Service Centers. For more information about the Blue Guardian or to locate a Raymond Sales and Service Center, visit or call (800) 235-7200.

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