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Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Bluetooth Ring Scanner

ATLANTA - LXE Inc., today announced the introduction of the new 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner for use by mobile workers in a multitude of supply-chain environments. The small, lightweight 8650 ring scanner rests on the finger, with the Bluetooth module worn comfortably on the back of the hand or the wrist. The Bluetooth module pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled handheld, wearable, fixed-station or vehicle-mount computer and reliably transmits critical data from up to 30 feet away. This gives the operator the unprecedented freedom of movement necessary to perform bar code reading tasks quickly and in comfort.

“Bluetooth technology has opened up the opportunity to take another step forward in providing data-capture systems that better serve the needs of mobile workers,” says Richard Adams, LXE’s director of strategy and marketing. “The 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner is the smallest, lightest, most comfortable wireless scanner available today. By combining our ring scanner module with Bluetooth communications, we’ve created a hands-free scanning solution that’s quick and easy to implement, and extremely comfortable to use.”

The 8650 weighs only 4.8 ounces - lighter than most cell phones. While being compact and lightweight, the 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner is “born rugged, not made rugged”™ with a tough magnesium housing and specialized electronics designed for use in harsh industrial environments. The entire system is sealed to IP54 standards and can withstand multiple drops to concrete from up to 4 feet. It is available in two scanning options; standard laser and 1D/2D imager and has battery power to operate for up to 24 hours, delivering up to 17,000 scans on a single charge.

LXE’s Bluetooth EZ Pairing system allows the device to link to a compatible mobile computer in a matter of seconds by simply scanning a barcode, virtually eliminating the need to train operators. Out of the box, it can be paired and in use by an operator in just a few minutes.

The 8650 joins LXE’s family of wearable and voice computing solutions, and can be used with the full range of LXE computers including the HX2 wearable computer. With the addition of the Bluetooth Ring Scanner option, a new range of high-visibility keypads and a low-profile arm-mounting system, the HX2 wearable computer can be configured with a broad range of options tailored to the needs of individual operators. “Customers are taking an increasingly sophisticated approach to implementing ‘hands-free’ computing. Our approach is to provide products that can be configured to closely meet the needs of different operations,” says Adams.

For more information on the 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner, visit:

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