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BMC series

Baldor Electric Company, Fort Smith, Arkansas announces a new DC Brushless Motor and Control which will allow adjustable speed applications to benefit from the features of brushless technology.

Baldor’s new family of BSM25C and BSM33C brushless motors provide designers with benefits of brushless motors which include higher torque and more power in smaller packages, reduced maintenance, and quieter operation. These motors are available from stock, with standard NEMA face/foot mount, ranging from ¼ to 3 HP (0.18 – 2.2Kw).

The new BMC series controls are simple to operate, as no programming is necessary; they provide a tight speed regulation better than 0.5%; and use the industry standard input command (+/- 10Vdc) or optional pot input for speed control. The control uses standard 115/208/230 Vac and is available from stock.

The combination of BSM motor and BMC control is adjustable to cover a wide speed range to 7000 rpm, provide adjustable acceleration time from 0.1 – 30 seconds, and comes in a fully protected package, ie: motor overload, short circuit and electronic inrush protection, etc.

The positive solutions provided by Baldor’s DC Brushless motor and control will enhance machinery uptime and provide low maintenance-free and trouble-free operation.

Typical adjustable speed applications include mixers, blowers, indexers, feeders, and conveyors.

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