Boltless Metal Shelving

A new line of galvanized, boltless, modular metal shelving that is easy to assemble into multiple configurations including bins, wide span racks, cat-walk systems, and archive storage for virtually any business or industry is being introduced by Boston Rack, Inc. of Raynham, Massachusetts.

Boston Rack Super 1/2/3 Metal Shelving features a high-gloss galvanized finish and boltless, modular construction with easy to assemble snap-in beams, shelves, uprights and braces to create racks, mezzanines, and all types of storage systems. Various heights, widths, and depths are available, along with accessories such as drawers, containers and dividers.

Shipped KD-style (knocked down), the main components of the Boston Rack Super 1/2/3 Metal Shelving system are a closed upright section with 8 connection points on 4 faces and the beam which has a profile containing up to a 4-fold variation in material thickness. This versatile system is suitable for 2-tier installations and attractive enough for retail displays.

Boston Rack Super 1/2/3 Metal Shelving is priced according to components and quantity. Literature is available upon request. Dealer inquiries are invited.

For more information contact:
Boston Rack, Inc.
Jennifer Aguiar
370 Paramount Drive #3
Raynham, MA 02767
(508) 880-5777 FAX (508) 880-5449
e-mail:[email protected]

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