Boost Profitability and Performance by Automating Asset Management

BOSTON, MA – Companies that have automated some or all of their asset management operations achieve such benefits as improved asset utilization and performance, improved budgeting and planning procedures, and improved overall profitability, according to Aberdeen Group's new Enterprise Asset Management Benchmark Report: Maximizing Value in What You Own, based on a joint study conducted with Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine.

The Enterprise Asset Management Benchmark Report suggests that the degree to which asset management professionals understand and communicate the location, health, and performance of their companies' fixed, physical, and capital assets has a direct impact on overall corporate financial performance. Enabling technologies like Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions can help, particularly in asset-intensive industries like manufacturing, utilities, and transportation.

"Most companies need to improve the currency, flexibility, and communicability of asset-related data," says Mark Vigoroso, senior analyst, Supply Chain Research, Aberdeen Group. "To achieve these improvements, asset-heavy firms must graduate beyond paper-and spreadsheet-based asset management processes."

The Aberdeen Group findings clearly indicate that firms that have deployed EAM software solutions have extracted considerably greater value from assets than those that have not. This study identifies opportunities to improve existing asset management procedures; examines business, process, and technology strategies that have a direct impact on asset management success; and constructs a forward-looking framework for enterprise asset management strategies and technology investments. For more information about The Enterprise Asset Management Benchmark Report: Maximizing Value in What You Own, please follow this link, or call (800) 577-7891.

An IT market research leader since 1988, Aberdeen Group continues to distinguish itself in a rapidly changing industry. Its forward-thinking research initiatives and positioning services are designed to address specific needs of multiple enterprise technology buyers and supplier organizations. Aberdeen is accessible on the Web at

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