Florence, KY - Balluff’s new photoelectric family packs maximum performance in a small package. Designed for small parts conveying equipment, the BOS 11K helps designers reduce a machine’s overall footprint on the factory floor.

The family includes diffuse, retro-reflective, polarized retro-reflective, and thru-beam styles all within the same compact 34.5 x 29.3 x 15 mm T-style housing.

Designed to be used with Balluff’s versatile BMS mounting system, the BOS 11K can be positioned almost anywhere at any angle. It’s threaded T-body “snout-mount” shape allows for rapid installation, cutting mounting time and labor cost. Its robust ultrasonically welded IP67 housing also features enhanced diagnostic LEDs as well as a highly visible 360o LED window for easy troubleshooting.

The BOS 11K and BMS mounting system is optimized for use in tight locations, common in flexible packaging, tabletop, and general conveyor applications. The BOS11K is UL and CSA approved and fully protected against damage from short-circuits, polarity, reversal, and voltage spikes.

In United States: contact Tom Draper for clarifications and additional information, or e-mail to [email protected] - 1-800-543-8390

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