BP E-Z Pull Tab System

Better Packages has developed a patented carton sealing system that incorporates a unique tear strip, the BP E-Z Pull Tab®, directly onto the packaging tape as it is dispensed. This innovative system completely eliminates the need for razor blades or box cutters, reducing product damage and protecting the safety of workers and consumers. Just grip the pull tab tear strip and zip the package open. No razor blade or box cutter is needed.

Shelton, CT -- Better Packages -- the number-one trusted name in water-activated tape (also known as gummed tape) dispensers and case sealers for over 85 years -- presents the BP E-Z Pull Tab® System, an innovative add-on system for case sealers that eliminates the need for box cutters to open cartons. Product damage from box cutters translates into unsaleable goods, and the high costs associated with product returns is an issue faced by many industries, including the fulfillment, catalog, food and pharmaceutical industries. Razor blades or broken pieces from box cutter blades can also contaminate products, resulting in potential hazards for consumers. Recently, a customer of a Bradenton, Florida, McDonald's restaurant reportedly found a razor blade in her breakfast sandwich. Reports did not indicate how the razor blade got there, but one TV report mentioned that box cutters were used to open cartons of food supplies. Better Packages recognized the need for a safe and simple sealing solution to address the challenging, costly issues of product damage and worker and consumer safety and developed this case sealer system.

Integrated with existing case sealers, the BP E-Z Pull Tab System incorporates a tear strip (the BP E-Z Pull Tab Tear Strip) directly onto the packaging tape as it is dispensed. Once the case sealer applies this unique packaging tape to the carton, the recipient grips a pull tab and pulls the tear strip to quickly and easily zip the carton open. No box cutters or other sharp cutting instruments are required.

The BP E-Z Pull Tab System was designed to:
• Reduce excessive product damage from sharp implements used to open packages and shrink the high costs
associated with damaged goods and returns.
• Create an easy and safe method for customers to open the parcels they receive.
• Protect workers from being cut while opening boxes with box cutters, knives or razor blades and lower the incidence
and cost of worker injury claims.
• Reduce the risk of product contamination and consumer injury from broken box cutter blades.
• Improve brand image by producing a positive end-user experience.

The BP E-Z Pull Tab System adds new flexibility to a packaging line because the case sealer can be operated with or without the system, enabling two case sealing options. One-time installation is quick, so busy packaging lines are disrupted only once and for a minimal amount of time.

The BP E-Z Pull Tab System is currently available for use with Better Packages' uniform water-activated tape case sealers. For more information on the BP E-Z Pull Tab System, call Better Packages at 800-237-9151.

Additional Information About the BP E-Z Pull Tab System
The BP E-Z Pull Tab System generated interest when it was seen for the first time at Pack Expo 2005 in Las Vegas. A concept model of a similar system for potential integration with pressure-sensitive tape case sealers was received well by attendees at the show.

One visitor's response best summarizes the excitement: "I want to stop getting my products slashed from razor blades. Give me that red tear tape!"

Philip White, President and CEO of Better Packages, said, "At Better Packages, we're focused on providing solutions that enable our customers to create packaging that's simple, safe and secure. Not only is it important to protect what's inside the box from damage, it's also critical to go a step further and think outside the box to protect the safety of workers and consumers. By design, the BP E-Z Pull Tab System is an effective means to achieve those objectives, and in the long run, protect a company's bottom line."

The BP E-Z Pull Tab System represents the advancement of an existing Better Packages product--BP E-Z Pull Tab Tape. This water-activated packing tape employs the BP E-Z Pull Tab Tear Strip. The product was awarded a "Silver CQIA (Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership, Inc.) Innovation Prize" and was recognized by the partnership as a product that can improve lives by increasing safety in the working community and among consumers. The packaging tape can be used with case sealers as well as automatic and manual tape dispensers. For more information on BP E-Z Pull Tab tape, visit www.BetterPackages.com.

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