Bruce Foods Picks RedPrairie Software

Bruce Foods, a specialty U.S. food manufacturer, will implement radio frequency identification (RFID), transportation and warehouse management solutions from RedPrairie Corp. As a top supplier to Wal-Mart and other major food retailers, Bruce Foods will leverage RedPrairie's RFID Igniter to comply with RFID shipping mandates. The company also intends to standardize business processes and achieve operational excellence using RedPrairie's warehouse and transportation management functionality for the food industry.

With the internal growth of new products and the acquisition of Cajun Injector (a specialty Cajun foods manufacturer) last year, overall growth intensified the demand on Bruce Foods supply chain resources. The additional SKUs were difficult to manage under its existing environment. The company decided to invest in WMS to automate its processes and gain new levels of inventory control.

Lot tracing is a critical capability for Bruce Foods, since the company manages date-sensitive products and must comply with government and FDA food safety regulations. The food manufacturer will leverage both WMS and LENS to gain network-wide visibility and inventory control at the point-of-sale level.

Bruce Foods is already a member of UCCNet Global and will jumpstart its RFID compliance initiatives by implementing RFID technology early next year. RedPrairie's RFID Igniter will enable the food company to simultaneously manage data from bar codes and RFID tags, and transmit advance ship notices electronically to leading grocery retailers and food service distributors. Bruce Foods also expects the technology to improve efficiencies in picking and inventory tracking.

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