Brute 2550

Arbor Automation is pleased to introduce the Brute 2550 palletized conveyor for parts up to 300 pounds. Originally designed for automotive applications, the Brute 2550 can benefit any operation needing to move large or heavy parts.

The Brute can be designed as an oval or “L” shaped loop and excels in highly abrasive applications: castings, glass chips, sandy environments.

As with all Arbor systems, the Brute 2550 allows a host of line components to operate as one unit (non-synchronous part flow) ensuring maximum throughput. Each system is controlled by dedicated controls designed and built by Arbor. Parts are fixtured on custom pallets and can be automatically diverted to multiple operations.

Some features of Arbor’s Brute 2550 include:

  • Industry’s heaviest wall extrusion, capacity up to 300 lbs/ft
  • Removable track covers for easy access to embedded automation components
  • Soft start variable frequency drive systems, standard speed 27 ft/min
  • Integrated RFID or mechanical identification providing system intelligence
  • Powder coat or customer specified paint
  • Offline processing to prevent costly pallet traffic delays

The Brute 2550 heavy duty palletized conveyor system allows many configurations on one line and is modularly designed ­for additional upgrades. Using Arbor RFID systems, parts can be monitored and controlled throughout the process – for efficient cycle times. System designs include overhead conveyors, part turn-over stations, and the ability to interface with machining tools (CNC, lathe, washer).

Profit from Arbor Automation’s experience and integrate your manufacturing process! For further information call 1-866-780-3365 or email [email protected]

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