BT100 Series

Wilmington, N.C. — Interroll Corporation has developed a High Performance Brush Type RollerDrive (HPBT), designed to provide a cost-effective motorized driven roller solution for light or intermittent duty postal, warehouse or manufacturing material handling applications. Designated the BT100 Series, this Rollerdrive has an extended operating life of up to 6000 hours due to improvements in the efficiency of the gearing and the quality of the overall brush construction.

“The extended operating life of the BT100 Series RollerDrive provides our customers who require a motorized driven roller for light or infrequently-used applications a dependable product,” said Ken Bobick, Global Product Manager for Interroll RollerDrives. “The improved overall costs of our BT100 Series RollerDrive and the increased operating life equates to a decrease in installed and maintenance costs for our customers.”

The BT100 Series RollerDrive also offers more efficient power management with a reduced nominal current of 0.83A. It includes reduced noise emissions to below 60dBA while achieving application speeds of up to 315 feet per minute. Integral thermal protection eliminates the need for any external control and the BT100 Series interfaces readily with Interroll’s Z-card for any type of zero pressure accumulation solution.

Interroll’s RollerDrive solutions are available with numerous options, including: material (stainless, plated steel, galvanized and aluminium); grooved tubes for use with O-rings for driving slave rollers; tapered for curved conveyor sections; and polyurethane or PVC sleeves for increased friction.

For more information about Interroll’s BT100 RollerDrive innovative conveyor components, call 1-800-830-9680, fax 800-830-9679 or visit

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