Buckhorn Adds Web Tools for Container Issues

Buckhorn (Akron, Ohio), a manufacturer of reusable plastic packaging and material handling systems, has introduced several online resources in support of its extensive bulk container product line. Two videos are now available at www.buckhorninc.com, the “Reusable Bulk Container & Pallet Handling Guide” and the “Bulk Box Repair” video which demonstrate proper handling practices and repair of Buckhorn Collapsible Bulk Boxes. Also recently added is the “Container Handling Best Practices Guide” to assist customers in selection, use, and maintenance of Buckhorn’s new XT Series (formerly Xytec) products.

“The best practices guide and videos on the web are another resource to ensure our customers have the training tools necessary to get the most out of every Buckhorn container,” said Margot Beesley, marketing director. “We want customers to have quick access to our product support information, and we will be adding many more enhancements of this type to the Web site throughout the year.”

The “Reusable Bulk Container & Pallet Handling Guide” video provides guidance on stacking, moving, and safety inspection of Buckhorn’s reusable bulk containers and pallets and can be used as a training tool for employees who use these products. Should one of Buckhorn’s bulk containers need minor maintenance, the “Bulk Box Repair” video series provides easy, step-by-step instruction in repairing various components, such as metal runners, panels, drop doors, and latches.

Available as a downloadable PDF, the “Container Handling Best Practices Guide” outlines step-by-step procedures for safe and effective use of containers from Buckhorn’s new XT Series (formerly Xytec). This guide is found in the XT products section under the “Products - Collapsible Bulk Containers” links.

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