Bulk Container

Monoflo International introduced the first in a series of ground-breaking bulk containers that are 40 percent more durable and produced 40 percent faster than traditional structural foam containers of their size. Monoflo’s new light, heavyweight container is manufactured through a high-speed injection molding process that delivers superior quality with a lower tare weight. It is based on the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) 48” x 45” footprint and is completely interchangeable with competitive products.

Traditionally, to make containers more durable, other manufacturers increase the quantity of raw materials, thereby increasing its weight. This is a costly trade-off for companies that ship millions of pounds of goods every year. Every ounce of weight added equals thousands of dollars lost annually.

“We’ve engineered this product more intelligently so that we use less raw materials without sacrificing quality or strength,” said John Johnson, Executive Vice President, Monoflo International. “Our new light, heavyweight container adds depth to our product line and clearly positions Monoflo as an innovator in the industry.”

Monoflo’s proprietary I-Beam technology improves the bulk container’s base strength by utilizing a unique welding process. Monoflo’s exclusive injection molding manufacturing process also improves the product’s overall impact resistance. Ultimately, customers gain a superior strength-to-weight ratio and a smart design that maximizes their shipping. With Monoflo’s product, a company can distribute 78 full bulk containers and return 234 collapsed crates on the same trailer, saving more on fuel and shipping costs.

The addition of this new product dovetails with Monoflo’s recent opening of a new, state-of-the-art addition to its manufacturing facility in Virginia. With this production plant, Monoflo’s manufacturing process is the most efficient in the industry, reducing lead-times for new containers and operating 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Monoflo International is located at 882 Baker Lane, Winchester, VA, 22603. Contact Monoflo at www.miworldwide.com or at 800.446.6693

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