Bushman Acquires Avon Engineering

Bushman Equipment, a manufacturer of heavy-duty material-handling equipment based in Menomonee Falls, Wis., acquired Avon Engineering (Waterdown, Ontario, Canada). Avon competed with Bushman in offering a line of overhead-crane-related material handling equipment.

“While Bushman and Avon have competing lines of overhead crane related material handling equipment, they rarely compete due to each company’s geographic focus. Avon has a respected reputation in the Canadian steel industry while Bushman has developed its market primarily in the United States and Mexico,” said Ralph Deger, president of Bushman.

Bushman will introduce its West Bend line of lift tables, upenders, load inverters and mold carts into the Canadian market. Similarly, Bushman will aggressively market Avon's line of coil-packaging equipment in the United States.

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