BX20 & AMX-BMX Series

BX20 & AMX-BMX Series

ATLANTA – Komatsu Forklift USA, Inc. announces a new division, a new brand of forklifts to be known as Tusk Lift Trucks. Tusk Lift Trucks will replace the Kalmar AC forklift brand which will be phased out over the next few months. Unlike conventional brands, Tusk was developed to change the way the forklift owner thinks about ownership. Highly engineered, the Tusk trucks have easily accessible engines and comfortable operator compartments, resulting in minimum down time and maximum productivity. In a statement about the new brand Vice President of Marketing, Eric Kobori said, “We built this product for the experienced, streetwise forklift buyer who understands that the real costs of owning a lift truck encompass much more than just acquisition price. Tusk is quite simply the smartest buy on the market…for the smartest buyer.”

As part of the launch, the company will revamp of the company’s dealer support system. Dealer Development Manager, Tom Thomas was quoted as saying, “The era of superior dealer support is here, and we are committed to putting resources behind the Tusk brand.” The company believes this new level of dealer support combined with the highly engineered, quality trucks will revolutionize the industry and drive the end user to make a ‘Smart Buy.’

Tusk Lift Trucks is headquartered in Covington, Georgia, manufacturers, markets, and distributes a full range of forklift trucks. The company proudly employs over 300 people and supports the dealer network of more than 75 independent dealers nationwide. Tusk offers an extensive product line of over 120 electric and I.C.E. lift truck models with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 35,000 lbs. With trucks for all applications: warehousing, grocery, foundries, terminals, trailer systems, automotive and many more, the new brand will also offer the dealer network availability of a full range of parts for most competing forklift makes and models.

For more information about the brand release, please contact Brandy Gruber 770/788-3557.

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