Gold Hill, OR – Sweed announces the release of their new style Load Turner. Sweed engineers developed an improved, cost-effective option for customers in need of C-Turners. C-Turners are essential machines for plants that process flat material such as panel, plates, or any large wood, metal or composites; C-Turners make it practical to inspect and process two-sided material of virtually any size. If space is at a premium, a rotating base allows lift operators to load, turn, and retrieve material from the same side. Loads may be completely turned in as little as fifteen seconds, or paused in the upright position for inspection or individual piece removal. Sweed’s new style Load Turner is very compact, taking up less floor space than the standard Sweed C-Turner yet performing the same function as the much larger Sweed Rotating C-Turner. This Load Turner has an open design; all of the operating components are within easy reach for inspection, maintenance and repair. Furthermore, with the new Load Turner you get increased performance at a fraction of the cost of the comparable Roating C-Turner.

Contact Sweed Machinery for more information. Website: www.sweed.com Email: [email protected] Toll-Free: 1-800-888-1352

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