C4000 Palletizer

Minneapolis, Minn., – SICK, one of the world’s manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications, today announced the C4000 Palletizer, C4000 Eco and C4000 Basic Plus Safety Light Curtains. These innovative new light curtains are an extension of the industry-proven, existing C4000 family of Safety Light Curtains. The new C4000 Palletizer combines the benefits of not having to use muting sensors, modules and lamps with the ability to safely transport pallets or palletized goods into and out of a hazardous area. With the C4000 Eco and Basic Plus models, SICK can now offer two less expensive point-of-operation safety solutions while maintaining the same high level of safety for applications.

The C4000 Palletizer
The C4000 Palletizer incorporates pattern recognition technology, which eliminates the need for muting sensors. The safety light curtain can be placed where material needs to enter and exit the machine but a person needs to be detected. Worker access is prohibited due to the product’s ability to recognize object sizes and pattern as it moves through the light curtain. The light curtain can detect up to five smaller objects or one large object and can be positioned horizontally or at an angle, depending on the application. The Palletizer is available in resolutions of 30 mm or 40 mm and can have protective heights up to 1800 mm. The C 4000 Palletizer can be configured for single or dual direction operation.
SICK has been employing products with pattern recognition technology for more than two years and has a number of other entry/exit solutions, in addition to the C4000 Palletizer, including the C4000 Advanced, C4000 Entry/Exit, and the S3000 Advanced Laser Scanner. For applications requiring muting capabilities, SICK offers the M4000 Standard, C4000 Standard, C4000 Advanced, C4000 Basic, C4000 Micro and now C4000 Eco and Basic Plus Safety Light Curtains.

This product is well suited for robotic and non-robotic palletizers or de-palletizers, infeed and outfeed zones, and automated assembly lines in the automotive, food and beverage and consumer goods industries.

The C4000 Eco and the C4000 Basic Plus
The C4000 Eco and the C4000 Basic Plus both offer cost-effective protection. Eco and Basic Plus have the same robust housing as the C4000 Basic, Standard, Advanced and Palletizer versions, however, they are "guard only" light curtains for simple point-of-operation safeguarding. The connector sizes and cabling for Eco and Basic Plus are smaller than that of the C4000 Basic Light Curtain, which helps lower the overall cost. Both light curtains are available in resolutions of 14 mm or 30 mm and can have protective heights up to 1800 mm.

SICK has the widest range of entry/exit products in the industry for safeguarding automated processes, enabling the company to offer greater solution flexibility to its customers – so they buy only the features that they need.

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