Cab Warmth Without Idling

Cab Warmth Without Idling

The Total Truck Heat System from Idle Free Systems eliminates the need for discretionary idling in cold weather conditions. The system consists of a coolant heater and an auxiliary AGM battery that work together to provide heat for both the truck’s sleeper bunk and the engine, keeping the driver warm and ensuring an easy start in the cold.

According to the manufacturer, given the current price of diesel fuel, this system will provide a return on investment in 12 weeks for the average over-the-road truck.

The system takes advantage of the residual heat generated by the engine and circulates the heated coolant through the bunk’s heater core, the cab’s heater core, and the engine block. The electrical energy needed to move the coolant, monitor the coolant temperature, and maintain interior climate control is provided by the independent auxiliary AGM battery. When the coolant temperature falls to 140 degrees, the system’s ultra-efficient diesel-fired coolant heater is automatically activated.

The system can produce more than 17,000 BTUs per hour. If run continuously, the system will use less than 12 ounces of fuel per hour.

Idle Free Systems, Inc.

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