Cable Handles More Data Traffic

Cable Handles More Data Traffic

Optical Cable Corporation offers 10 gigabit multimode fiber optic distribution riser cables for large warehousing applications. These tight-buffered cables are engineered to withstand harsh warehouse environments filled with lift trucks, heavy freight handling, temperature changes and electromagnetic interference.

High-speed rugged cable now provides warehouse managers with high-bandwidth voice and data capabilities previously reserved for office settings. Faster communication increases productivity through increased use of automated material handling, as well as the integration of ERP functions. At the same time, high-bandwidth networking enables manufacturing businesses to consolidate operations through expeditious implementation of private labeling and direct-ship processes at the distribution center level.

With a high strength-to-weight ratio and a helically stranded core for greater mechanical protection, OCC’s multimode, fiber optic distribution riser cables are UL Listed in accordance with NEC section 770.179(b) for use in vertical runs in building riser shafts or from floor to floor. Greater throughput can be handled in less space by allowing increased plant capacity vertically, while still maintaining optimum communications.

Optical Cable Corporation

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