Calculate Shipment Times

Calculate Shipment Times

ALK Technologies, Inc. offers PC*MILER 25, an enhanced routing, mileage and mapping software that allows users to specify a route’s departure or arrival date and time and to calculate an ETA at stop-off points or an ETD to help meet delivery schedules. It also provides real-time traffic maps and traffic forecasts for calculating the best routes as well as more precise transit times and ETAs.

With real-time and historical traffic speeds users can see real-time traffic maps as well as access traffic forecasts for more than 1 million miles of roads across the United States and Canada.

PC*MILER 25 can also calculate toll costs for both heavy and light vehicles. Users can now calculate toll costs based on time of day travel, vehicle weight, axle configuration, single or multiple trailer designation, and for 31 discount toll programs in the United States and Canada. ALK has also updated its toll plaza abbreviations for easier toll cost reporting, verification, and auditing.

ALK Technologies, Inc.

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