Call for Presentations for Supply-Chain World

The Supply-Chain World-North America 2004 Conference now includes two outstanding keynote speakers - Louise L. Francesconi, Vice President, Raytheon Company, and President, Raytheon Missile Systems and Dr. Hau Lee, Thoma Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology, Director of the Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum, Stanford| University.

The Planning Committee, chaired by Jaime M Bohnke, Director, Supply Chain Management for Raytheon Missile Systems, has come to consensus on the tracks, track chairs, and track descriptions, so Call for Presentations are now being sought especially for these topic areas. These include:

--Mastering Supply Chain Excellence: This track will highlight case studies from companies achieving extraordinary financial results and stakeholder satisfaction through the implementation of best practices through deployment of management systems, transforming supply chain information technologies and world-class business processes.

--Flexibility for Today's Environment: This track will explore success stories and leading-edge examples of how companies have continued to evolve best practices to more quickly and effectively plan and react to changes, events, and disruptions in their supply chains, utilizing techniques such as Lean, supply chain event management, and standards-based reconfigurable supply chain processes.

Supply Chain Visibility: Emerging Trends: This track will address the concepts, methods, and activities that institutions, government, and companies are exploring in viewing the supply chain as an integrated system of dependent assets, information, and processes. These display opportunities and inhibitors in mining supply chain efficiencies. Early detection of deviation from plan is now also an important flexibility element.

Collaboration/Connection/Cooperation: This track will explore trends, best practices, and case study developments in the implementation of collaborative initiatives among trading partners including: supplier collaboration, virtual manufacturing, outsourcing business processes, collaborative planning and replenishment initiatives, etc.

Performance Measurement: This track will explore examples of how companies create sustainable performance management programs that are aligned with corporate strategy, drive continuous improvement, and effectively measure suppliers' performance.

Call for Presentations forms are located at for download, or you may request additional information by contacting the Council at [email protected]. We look forward to receiving your proposals. Deadline for submission is November 21, 2003. |

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