Camera/Monitor Systems

Camera/Monitor Systems

It’s compact and small in size, yet big in performance. The new Compact LCD screen from Orlaco combines user friendliness with exceptional visibility. When used together with the camera on the fork, the LCD ensures optimal safety whilst working with fork lifts.

No matter how good the driver is, he/she will still never be able to have full visibility of the area around the fork lift, especially when it comes to working on elevated heights. Fortunately, Orlaco offers a solution with the Orlaco vision improvement systems. The image on the new Compact LCD colour screen is large in size, without taking up much space in the cabin. The encasement measures only 175 x 125mm and is not thicker than 25mm. Orlaco’s advanced LCD-technology ensures a high quality and crystal clear image, which in turn depicts true to life pictures of the work area. Orlaco offers three types of camera systems that can be connected to the Compact LCD, namely; the FLC (Fork Lift Camera) that can be attached to the fork carriage, the FMC (Fork Mounted Camera) that is mounted on the inside section of the side of the fork and the CCC (Compact Camera Colour) that is used when visibility is required of the mast and rear end of the fork lift. It is also possible to use a black-and-white instead of a colour camera.

Sturdy assembly
The Compact LCD is sturdy and robust and is not influenced by sudden movement, vibrations or possible carelessness during assembly. The monitor is mounted on a reinforced adjustable bracket.

In short, the compact LCD ensures more visibility on all heights and contributes immensely to increasing overall safety in areas where fork lifts are used. In addition, Orlaco camera-monitor systems ensure an improvement in working conditions as they prevent operators having to stare into elevated storage areas.

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