Canadian Rapper Tours with Pimp My Lift

TORONTO, Ontario—Canadian rapper Choclair is going on tour with Pimp My Lift, a brand created by lift truck dealer MasterLift.

“The Choclair Experience,” which tours 28 cities, began Feb. 27 in Whistler, British Columbia, and will end on Apr. 12 in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

MasterLift launched Pimp My Lift in 2007 and has developed a following on its Web site,, where visitors create their own “pimped out” lift truck by selecting custom flames, exhaust pipes, chrome wheels and eight-ball shifters. Users can even post their designed lift truck on the site for a chance to win prizes.

“Music is about individuality and self-expression, just like Pimp My Lift,” says Choclair. “I'm thrilled to be involved in something that captures the spirit of individual character, creativity and freedom.”

"One branding opportunity we are looking forward to is the combined Pimp My Lift and Choclair Experience clothing line," says Gary Wilson, president of MasterLift.

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