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Livonia, Mich. – Container and Pallet Services will spend $400,000 this year to enhance its Internet-based communications system. Called CAPS-Trac, it enables customers to monitor the location and status of the containers needed for upcoming shipments. The upgrades will improve the shipment confirmation process and overall functionality of the company’s Web site.

CAPS developed a proprietary Internet-based software program, CAPS-TRAC™, to help customers track and manage their reusable equipment fleet. This software is included with all rental, lease and management programs.

As containers move through the supply chain, container identification and event status are captured in the CAPS-TRAC database. From any computer with Internet access, customers, plants, and suppliers can use a variety of reporting tools to obtain the following information:

· Daily Container Activity
· Dwell Time
· Inventory Summary
· Item History
· Loss and Damage

Established in 1998 and now owned by Lazard Freres, CAPS had revenues of $4.1 million in 2004 and projects 45 percent sales growth this year. The company uses 13 depots in eight states and Canada to handle a fleet of 85,000 containers. CAPS' biggest client is Alcoa-Fujikura Ltd., known as AFL, which makes electrical harnesses in Mexico for Ford Motor Company.
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Container and Pallet Services, Inc. (CAPS) is a supply chain management company that provides, tracks, and manages reusable equipment for a multitude of companies and various industries throughout North America. CAPS was created to help customers reduce material handling costs while improving supply chain performance. The team is dedicated to offering environmentally friendly container programs to automotive, agricultural, food and beverage, as well as a number of other industries. For more information, email [email protected] or call (888) 873-2277.

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