Capture Inventory, Work-in-Process Data

Capture Inventory, Work-in-Process Data

BellHawk Systems Corporation’s WebHawk cloud-based software captures materials tracking and traceability data in real-time for manufacturers. This inventory and work-in-process tracking is performed using barcode and mobile data collection technologies. The software is available as an on-line subscription service and for integration within an organization’s own information technology infrastructure.

WebHawk combines both inventory and production tracking. It tracks materials from the receiving dock to the shipping dock and everywhere in between by lot, container and serial number. It also makes customer order and inventory status information available in real-time for operations and sales people anywhere there is an Internet connection.

WebHawk also builds an electronic database of the receipt, processing, assembly, and shipping of materials. This can be used for defect, scrap, fraud and theft detection. It can also be used to minimize recalls by providing a history of which materials went into which product.

WebHawk can be accessed using a web-browser on PCs, MACs, tablets, PDAs, mobile computers and smart phones equipped with integral or external barcode scanners. It can be accessed over wired and wireless LANs and over cell-phone data networks, and supports the printing of user-defined labels on local barcode printers from the data stored in the Cloud in the WebHawk database.

It can automatically exchange data with a wide-range of legacy ERP and accounting systems, located at individual manufacturing plants. This enables barcode tracking and mobile data collection capabilities to be added to existing systems and avoids the need for duplicate data entry.

BellHawk Systems Corporation

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