Capture Mercury Vapor from Broken Bulbs

Capture Mercury Vapor from Broken Bulbs

VaporLok Products’ VaporLokCapture is an adsorbent technology used in fluorescent lamp and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) storage and shipping containers for capturing mercury vapor from broken lamps and CFLs. This feature is being incorporated into the company’s patented Mercury VaporLok fluorescent lamp shipping and recycling system.

VaporLokCapture adsorbs mercury vapors from broken lamps found within lamp storage, shipping or recycling containers. Vapor levels inside packages containing broken fluorescent lamps can exceed 300 times the 8-hour permissible exposure limit levels established by OSHA. With the addition of the adsorbent technology, these levels were reduced by more than 95 percent.”

This solution not only contains the vapor but captures it within the container. This will provide an enhanced layer of protection against incidental mercury exposure if packages are opened with broken lamps or CFLs inside.

VaporLok Products, LLC

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