Capture More Natural Light

Capture More Natural Light

Acuity Brands, Inc. expanded its Sunoptics high-performance prismatic daylighting portfolio with the introduction of the Seamlight Curbless Daylighting System. It is designed for direct installation onto existing industrial standing seam roofing systems, creating new opportunities for the implementation of daylighting solutions. The prismatic skylights optimize indoor daylighting performance via a dome construction designed to capture more light at low sun angles, which maximizes the amount of light transmittance while maintaining 100% diffusion and eliminating undesirable hot spots, glare and UV damage.

The product’s integrated rail attaches to the roof’s structural standing seam allowing the Seamlight system to move with roof expansion and contraction. The single sided front-end water diverter in the system minimizes roof penetrations and leak potential as compared to conventional skylight roof curb designs.

Acuity Brands, Inc.

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