CARB Proposes New Air Quality Regulations

CHICAGO -The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is circulating a draft regulation that would require heavy duty tractors and 53-foot box-type trailers to be equipped with devices that would reduce drag and rolling resistance in an effort to improve efficiency and reduce greenhousegas emissions.

According to the proposed rule, California-based shippers and receivers must:

1. Ensure that all freight transported by a heavy-duty tractor and a 53-foot boxtype trailer from a California-based shipper or receiver facility is shipped using tractors and trailers that comply with the operating requirements and compliance deadlines set forth in the regulation; and

2. Ensure that, prior to contracting for any shipment or receipt of goods using a 53-foot box-type trailer that the broker and motor carrier have taken all necessary steps to ensure that the owner of the 53-foot box-type trailer has reported their trailer in accordance with the rule.

Penalties would apply to shippers who use carriers whose equipment is not in compliance. A complete copy of the draft regulation can be found on the California ARB web site at

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