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Career Opportunities in Wood Industry

APA - The Engineered Wood Association (Tacoma, Wash.) recently launched the APA Career Center—a new Web site that allows users to discover career opportunities in the wood industry in the United States and parts of Canada. The site is located at

APA teamed with its member companies to create the searchable career site. Employment opportunities are broad and include a range of positions: mill machinery operators, business management team members, engineers, scientists, marketing experts, support staff and many others.

"The Career Center was created to provide a simple tool for users to search for job opportunities in the wood industry, as well as for employers to post job listings and expand their pool of talented candidates," said LaDauna Wilson, APA Web coordinator.

For students and others interested in the wood industry, the Web site also provides links to colleges and universities in North America that offer programs related to forestry, science, technology and business practices for wood products.

Source: APA – The Engineered Wood Association

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