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Carousel and Scissor Lift Combo

Carousel and Scissor Lift Combo

The Hornet Horizontal Carousel and scissor lift system from Sapient Automation automate storage and retrieval operations while optimizing available ceiling heights up to 25 feet. These systems can save up to 75% of the available floor space while reducing labor by 2/3 and improving accuracy to 99.99% levels. The carousel is comprised of a series of bins with shelves that rotate around a horizontal track, delivering stored items to an operator driven via inventory management software. An integrated Lightree Pick to Light device directs the operator’s actions, improving picking accuracy and productivity. A scissor lift workstation platform is used to move the operator from the floor to top position for ergonomic order picking. Two to four carousels can be integrated into one workstation called a pod. The carousels can be triple stacked or tiered to maximize vertical cube up to 25 feet.

Sapient Automation

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