(Neenah, Wis.) – The new T-handled, cordless CartMover™ from Appleton Manufacturing maximizes control, maneuverability and operator comfort while safely and securely moving heavy loads on wheels. Dual hand grips with protective guarding and built-in throttle allow for twohanded operation and greater control over steering and maneuverability. The battery-powered, Thandled CartMover operates similar to a pallet jack. All controls are conveniently located on the Thandle. A red belly button safety switch between the hand grips turns the mover off if it pushes against the operator. A push-pin at the base of the unit easily locks the T-handle at a steeper angle for operation in tight quarters. Tool-free battery changes take as little as 10 seconds. The CartMover comes standard with a battery recharging station and the choice of one hitch. Custom-designed hitches are readily available. In-plant demo units are available on a limited basis.

Appleton Manufacturing: 800-531-2002

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