Case Fit

Kissimmee, FL, United Case™, a UFP Technologies brand, today introduced their Case Fit™ solution. Case Fit was developed to provide a complete protective case and foam insert solution from design to shipment.

Through the Case Fit solution United Case will engineer a solution, secure the appropriate case and foam material, fabricate the complete solution and have it shipped it to the customer’s desired location(s). Additionally, Case Fit provides over-the-phone pricing for a complete protective case and custom fabricated foam insert solution.

The Case Fit solution also encompasses a complete line of foams that are ideal for interior case protection. United Case has handpicked ten of the best interior protection foams in the industry. Each Case Fit foam exhibits specific protection and aesthetic properties suitable for targeted uses and applications. Such applications include: electronics equipment that require shipment in anti-static material, sales presentation kits needed to protect and display a product, or the shipping of delicate automotive parts that call for class A surface protection.

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