MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, HK Systems, North America's most experienced automated material handling and supply chain software solutions provider, today introduces the Case-A-Matic Storage and Sequencing System - the industry’s only integrated solution to optimize complex case distribution. The Case-A-Matic Storage and Sequencing System enables organizations to maximize multi SKU order fulfillment, customize high speed case sequencing, reduce transportation costs, and improve direct store delivery practices.

The newly designed Storage and Sequencing system offers a dense case-storage solution designed to work with a very wide variety of case and tote sizes to provide high speed less-than-pallet order fulfillment. Likewise, combined with automated palletizing, the Case-A-Matic generates precise mixed-SKU pallets in precise configurations. Offering seven load extractors operating independently, the Case-A-Matic can achieve throughput rates of 400 cases per hour per machine.

The comprehensive solution also integrates smoothly with existing Warehouse Management Systems. An optional Equipment Management Software package provides a complete solution with a wide range of options from full inventory control to discrete location management.

About HK Systems
Addressing the synchronized flow of material and information throughout a company's network, HK Systems develops, deploys, and maintains innovative solutions that improve customer service, reduce inventory and delivery time, and lower overall costs of manufacturing, distribution, and transportation.

The company's comprehensive product and service offerings include automated storage and retrieval systems, automated guided vehicles, conveyance, sortation, customer services, RFID solutions, warehouse management, transportation management, and event management systems.

For more information regarding HK Systems’ Case-A-Matic Storage and Retrieval System, visit ProMat Booth 1223, or call 1-800-HKSYSTEMS.

Cheryl Falk
[email protected]

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