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Prosper, TX July 18, 2006, Cornerstone Automation System Inc. announces a new product in the SolidCube line - the CASI-6961. The 6961 is a free standing pallet system that allows in-motion cubing and dimensioning of palletized goods. The solution easily integrates with existing conveyors and can be combined with barcode scanners or RF Tag readers to provide a system that completely identifies cartons including size and weight.

The CASI-6961 is a high accuracy system. Measuring and weighing falls within one inch and within one pound respectively. As a self contained unit, the 6961 is easy to install. Additional features include easy communication through PLC or host interface via the integrated Ethernet and serial interfaces. Maximum up time is achieved through the use of online diagnostics.

Typical applications include revenue recovery, trailer cubing, and automatic rate charging. ROI is typically achieved in a few months.

Cornerstone Automation Systems Inc.
300 W. Broadway #10
Prosper, TX 75078
FX 214-722-0000

Contact: Michael Cannonie
[email protected]

Cornerstone Automation System Inc. has been in operation since 2002 providing highly cost effective software and hardware solutions for logistics and warehouse operations. CASI’s highly talented staff is heavily experienced designing and manufacturing cutting edge automation solutions for Fortune 100 companies. Cornerstone’s long line of very flexible off-the-shelf components and Warehouse Control Software provides the logistics market with customized automation at a fraction of the typical systems integrator cost. CASI differs from most System Integrators by manufacturing most of the hardware they install. The effectiveness of CASI’s designs and niche market solutions is evidenced by four years of triple digit growth since inception.

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