Jonesboro, AK – Colson Caster Corporation, announced the availability of its new 2 Series Precision Swivel Forks built with high performance, low-maintenance and low-cost of operation in mind. The new line of fork products is built from durable stainless steel and sports permanently sealed and metal-housed, precision bearings, eliminating all need for monitoring and servicing of the bearing structure.

“Once again, our customers led us down this design path,” said Charles Harris, engineering manager at Colson. “They needed superior performance features in a fork that also provided carefree operation. The new 2 Series Precision Swivel Forks are our answer to their requests.”

The stainless steel construction on the new 2 Series forks allows worry free operation in even the most corrosive and punishing environments, and the tight, zero end-play characteristic of the precision swivel mechanism provides smooth running with true fidelity of motion. Years of ease-of-use and quality performance from the forks are further guaranteed through high-impact strength, and worst-case application testing always enacted throughout Colson’s new-product development phase. The new swivel forks are available now and pair with an assortment of Colson’s 5” and 6” diameter wheel products.

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