Jonesboro, Arkansas – Colson Caster Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of standard and custom application caster and wheel products, today announced it has added a new group of Business Machine Casters to its expanding product line-up. Available in the most requested load capacities 500, 700, and 1200 pounds, the casters feature wheels with a glass-filled, nylon construction.

“We are happy to respond to the requests of our customers for casters that offer heavy weight capabilities and maximum rolling ease in situations where low height allowances affect stability and balance,” said David Long, product manager of Colson. “Our engineering team, once again, has developed and tested a Colson line that works extremely well and efficiently in these demanding circumstances.”

Built to easily move heavy and compactly built equipment, Colson’s new Business Machine Caster low-profile units are all 3” in diameter with an ergonomically smooth riding 1 13/16 ” tread width. The load height on all of the casters is 4 1/8”. All of the new Business Machine Casters are shipping now, and more information and pricing is available by contacting Colson at 800.645.5515.

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