Casters Move Freight Containers

Casters Move Freight Containers

The Revvo Caster Company, Inc., introduces two new Towcaster swivel caster sets for moving ISO freight containers quickly and easily without using cranes, gantries, or side-loading forks. Towcasters are now available as a set of four swivel casters for optimum mobility, with two of the casters featuring directional locks to convert two swivel casters into two fixed casters when needed for straight-line travel.

These casters are designed for power towing up to 5mph and are suitable for moving empty or evenly-loaded containers of a maximum 40-ft. in length. Designed without protruding parts, they can economize storage space by allowing containers to be maneuvered and parked close together without damage.

The new swivel Towcaster sets are available in two sizes, one with a wheel diameter of 10 inches and load capacity of 22,000 lbs., and the other with a wheel diameter of 12 inches and load capacity of 26,400 lbs.

The Revvo Caster Company, Inc.

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