Cathexis, Junot Systems Announce Partnership

Junot Systems Inc., a provider of embedded enterprise application integration solutions, and Cathexis Innovations Inc., a global leader in asset management technologies, have entered into a partnership to provide better, faster and cheaper radio frequency identification (RFID) to SAP integration solutions to Cathexis’ customers.

Cathexis selected Junot’s patented NLINK technology because of its ability to provide their customers with prebuilt seamless integration to SAP R/3, certified by SAP and backed by Junot Systems technology. Cathexis RFID middleware, the RFID Engine, allows virtually any organization to reduce the development time and complexity of integrating RFID with new or existing IT infrastructure, operations and processes, by as much as 75%. An RFID system improves asset identification, tracking and management, through automation of the data collection and entry process, enhancing data integrity and accessibility; minimizing data entry errors, omissions and misspellings.

"Embedding the NLINK technology into our RFID-based asset management software will allow us to offer our customers a real-time SAP integration capability that does not exist today," said Steve Taylor, president of Cathexis Innovations. "In addition, embedding NLINK into our solutions allows us to focus our in-house resources on solving our customers’ RFID asset management business problems rather than on trying to develop custom interfaces between our software and SAP."

Using its patented NLINK technology, Junot Systems has developed a series of affordable, shrink-wrapped SAP integration solutions that allow software companies to connect their products to their customers’ business applications faster, with reduced risk and at a lower delivered cost than would otherwise be possible.

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