A new, fully-automatic dispenser, designed to handle collapsible type bins like the ones commonly used in the food industry, has been introduced by Specialty Equipment of Houston, Texas.

The new model CB-2500 discharges up to two bins per minute and can be built to discharge a bin out any one of three sides. In operation, a stack of collapsed bins is conveyed into the machine where air-operated clamps enter the voids of the second bin, holding the second bin and the remaining stack of bins aloft while the bottom bin is lowered and discharged onto the chain conveyer.

Sturdy structural steel components and all-welded construction provide strength and durability for reliable, long-term performance.

For complete information about the new collapsible bin dispenser, contact Specialty Equipment, 1221 Adkins, Houston, Texas 77055. Telephone 713/467-1818; Fax 713/467-9130 www.specialtyequipment.com Email: [email protected]

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