MOUNTAINSIDE, New Jersey – Responding to the widespread need for battery monitoring equipment in the Material Handling Industry, Access Control Group introduces CellTrac, the non-invasive battery monitor. CellTrac provides crucial battery performance data such as voltage, amp hours available/used, temperature, water level, and alarms, eliminating manual data collection and human error. Access Control Group is also offering CellVue, the real-time battery gauge, and is the first in the industry to offer such a product.

The system does not require a shunt for current measurement, increasing affordability, and CellTrac can interface with the Proactive fleet management system as well. CellTrac and CellVue install in minutes, and are easy use and maintain. Poor battery performance greatly impacts forklift management, however battery data is seldom collected. Furthermore, proactive and preemptive battery maintenance can improve fleet performance, but can only be executed with thorough collection of battery data without human error. CellTrac and CellVue make comprehensive data collection simple.

Access Control Group has offered solutions for Material Handling fleets since 1999, and aims to relieve the industry of archaic paper recording of data collection. The technology is designed to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and completeness of data collection with reporting features to simplify analysis of trends. Access Control Group’s mission focuses on customer support, guaranteeing that a customer’s specific needs are met with an efficient solution.

For more information regarding CellTrac, CellVue, and other product offerings from Access Control Group, contact Ashesh Patel at [email protected] or call 908-789-8700 x230.

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