CEMA Booked Orders Index

The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) reported that its May 2004 Booked Orders Index was 146, down 14 points or a decrease of 8 percent from April’s index of 160. The May index represents an increase of 36 percent from the May 2003 index of 107.

May Booked Orders indexes were 158 for Bulk Handling Equipment and 131 for Unit Handling Equipment.

The 12-month index for Booked Orders was 144 in May. Index represents an increase of 2 percent from April 2004’s 12-month index of 141.

The CEMA Billed Sales (shipments) Index was 140 in May, down 7 points or 5 percent from the April index of 147. The May 2004 Index represents a decrease of 5 percent from the May 2003 index of 150.

May Billed Sales indexes were 157 for Bulk Handling Equipment and 136 for Unit Handling Equipment.

For more information, visit http://www.cemanet.org/.

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