Centrum Properties Launches $23 million Upgrade to West Coast Facility

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–Centrum Properties will initiate a $23 million upgrade and modernization to its SFO Logistics Center.

The SFO Logistics Center is a 572,000 square-foot warehouse and distribution facility situated on 26 acres with access to three major freeways and the San Francisco International Airport. Improvements to the site include seismic safety updates, infrastructure enhancements, tenant upgrades and installation of new buildings. Renovations are expected to begin in early 2009. The project will be completed and available for lease by new tenants in October 2009.

The refurbished Logistics Center will offer the opportunity for South San Francisco’s existing distribution companies to take advantage of a newly modernized facility. As logistics companies in the city move into the Logistics Center, commercial real estate in the city’s award-winning biotech business zone will become available to other companies looking to expand, particularly growth industries such as biotech and life sciences. South San Francisco now has over eight million square feet of state-of-the-art Biotech office space.

Centrum’s upgrade project will turn what is already a sought-after commercial facility into the Bay Area’s premier warehouse distribution center. The SFO Logistics Center was built 60 years ago and has long played a vital role as a warehouse and distribution facility for the General Services Administration and U.S. Postal Service.

“Once renovations are complete, we anticipate the SFO Logistics Center will become the premier distribution center for the Peninsula,” said Michael McLean, vice president for development of Centrum Properties.

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