Introducing the New Aigner Charged•Card™
• two-sided, color coded magnet
• has a write-on / wet erase finish on both sides for custom labeling
• can be scissors cut, on location, to desired size

If your warehouse or storage facility uses battery powered lifts and vehicles, think of how much time you can save if you could instantly
spot which batteries need re-charging and which ones are ready to go! Well…now you can with the new AIGNER CHARGED•CARD™. It’s so simple to use, you’ll be surprised you didn’t think of it yourself.

This handy, color coded magnetic card adheres easily to any lift vehicle or battery pack. Just place it “red” side up on those batteries
that need charging. And, once charged, flip it over to the green side and you’re truly ready to go.

The AIGNER CHARGED•CARD™ is available through your local material handling dealer – packaged 10 per pack.

Aigner Index, Inc.
218 MacArthur Avenue
New Windsor, NY 12553
email: [email protected]
Fax 845-562-2638

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